Australia Events Israel — 22 February 2015
JWire: European Union Illegal Building Activities Exposed

International Director of  Regavim Ari Briggs will address the Sydney community next month on EU illegal projects in Israel.

Regavim protects Israel’s national lands and properties and prevents foreign elements from taking over the countries territorial resources.

The Central Synagogue, Australian Union of Jewish Students and Australian Friends For A Secure Israel will host an evening at The Central Synagogue on 16 March at 8pm.

Briggs – born and raised in Australia is the international director of Regavim – an Israeli Non-Governmental Organisation which recently released a report revealing that the European Union has spent millions of dollars actively erecting some 500 unauthorized pre-fabricated buildings in strategic areas located in Area C in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) in violation of the Oslo Accords.

The report consolidates months of field research which includes aerial and land photography, official European budget reports and testimonies of local residents. In addition Palestinians Arabs are being encouraged to move from their homes in Areas A and B to Area C to reside in these illegally constructed buildings.

Aside from the political implications of the report, total disregard for the environment and planning regulations is also showcased with EU employees using heavy drilling equipment to erect illegal water wells that endanger recognised nature reserves

“The European Union has crossed all the lines of diplomacy to actively perform land grabs on behalf of the Palestinian Authority and act as a thorn in the side of Israel” said Ari Briggs. “Instead of focusing on peace the European Union has decided to build these illegal structures in Area C while going out of their way to condemn every Jewish brick placed in the same area. This is pure hypocrisy” Briggs added.

Admission charge is $5.00.



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