Israel — 22 February 2015
European Union ‘is breaking international law’ by funding illegal West Bank building projects

European Union ‘is breaking international law’ by funding illegal West Bank building projects, report claims

  • 400 Palestinian homes have been built illegally, in 17 locations in areas of the West Bank supposed to be under Israeli control, report says
  • They fly the EU flag and put up EU signs, in contravention of the ‘Oslo Accords’, part of international law 
  • But EU and Oxfam say building is justified on humanitarian grounds 
  • One ‘EU worker’ pictured threatening soldiers with a rock

The EU is acting illegally by funding unauthorised Palestinian building in areas placed under Israeli control by international law, say an NGO, international lawyers and MEPs.
More than 400 EU-funded Palestinian homes have been erected in Area C of the West Bank, which was placed under Israeli jurisdiction during the Oslo Accords – a part of international law to which the EU is a signatory.
The Palestinian buildings, which have no permits, come at a cost of tens of millions of Euros in public money, a proportion of which comes from the British taxpayer.
This has raised concerns that the EU is using valuable resources to take sides in a foreign territorial dispute.
Official EU documentation reveals that the building project is intended to ‘pave the way for development and more authority of the PA over Area C (the Israeli area)’, which some experts say is an attempt to unilaterally affect facts on the ground.
Locally, the villages are known as the ‘EU Settlements’, and can be found in 17 locations around the West Bank.
They proudly fly the EU flag, and display hundreds of EU stickers and signs. Some also bear the logos of Oxfam and other NGOs, which have assisted in the projects.
Questions have also been asked about the conduct of EU workers in the region, after a picture emerged of a man in EU uniform threatening soldiers and bystanders with a rock outside a settlement in 2012. An EU spokesperson declined to comment on the picture.

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